Blockchain Protocol Job Market Report (Q1/2024)

Blockchain Jobs Europe presents you with the latest report of the Blockchain Protocol Job Market series, which covers the first quarter of 2024. This report aims to provide insights into the constantly evolving blockchain job market landscape, highlighting changes from the last quarter of 2023 and discussing trends with the potential to shape 2024.

Recap of the Report Methodology:

The objective and methodology of the report have been consistent throughout the series which can be found in depth here. However, here’s a short recap: BlockchainJobsEurope researched and analyzed the Blockchain Protocol Job Market for Q1, 2024. Our research covered approx. 340 public job offerings by 40 leading blockchain development firms for the first quarter of 2024. Some of the noted Web3 firms analyzed under the research are; Ethereum Foundation, Parity Technologies, ConsenSys, IOHK, Dfinity, Ava Labs, Polygon, CasperLabs, and Gnosis. The report aims to update job seekers with the current outlook and trends of the blockchain protocol recruitment segment, as well as shed light on the changes happening within the employment arena.  

Findings of the Report:

The first quarter of the year witnessed an increase in the number of jobs being offered by the top 40 blockchain protocol firms, highlighting a positive relationship with the overall market sentiment. The current quarter has seen more than 340 job opportunities, which is an approx. 10% increase compared to the previously recorded figure. However, the current number is still lower in comparison to the first quarter of 2023, which had over 420 job opportunities offered by the same firms

Though the number of job offerings might fluctuate across the different quarters, there has not been any significant difference in the distribution between technical and non-technical roles. In Q1/2024, the total number of technical roles constitutes 60% of all job offerings, which is a 1-percentage point increase from the previous quarter but maintains the same percentage distribution as Q1/2023. Naturally, non-technical profiles carry the share of 40% of the total profiles.

Most In-Demand Blockchain Technical Roles Q1/2024

Surprisingly, upstaging Full-stack Development after being the most coveted profile among the technical roles for all the last consecutive quarters, is Backend Development grabbing the share of 16% among the total technical roles requirement. Full-stack Development has slipped to second position accounting for 12% of the total technical hiring demand, which is a three percentage point decrease over the Q4, 2023 figure. The next set of primary demand is observed in DevOps, representing 11% of the total technical market demand, which is not only a 1% point boost over the previous figure but also a jump from the fourth spot in the list to third. The fourth position for Q1 this year is jointly taken by Core/Protocol Development and Frontend Development, both represented by a 10% figure, which is a 2% point decrease for each from the second position held by the roles jointly in the preceding quarter. The remainder of the demand is observed in Data, Research, Smart Contract Development, Cyber Security, and Technical Project Management, among others.

In terms of most-desired technical skills, Golang reigns supreme over all other programming languages in this session. The other notable most-sought-after programming languages for blockchain development are Rust, C++, Typescript, and Solidity. 

Most In-demand Non-Technical Roles [Q1/2024]

For the business roles, Marketing retains its crown as the most requested business profile even for the new quarter. However, the % representation among the total non-technical hiring demand declined to 16% from 25% in Q4, 2023. Maintaining hold on the second position is Product Management, accounting for 14% of the business profiles needed. Marketing and Product Management, are followed by, BizDev/Sales, Human Resource, and Operations, owning shares of, 13%, 10%, and 9%, respectively. 

The remaining 38% of business-focused roles can be accredited to profiles such as Ecosystem/DevRel, Community Management, Finance, Accounting, Research, Analytics, and others.

Key Blockchain Skill Trends [Q1/2024]

Notable Surge in Executive-level Operations Job Offerings: There was a significant increase in the number of executive-level job openings this year, with the Chief of Staff role taking the primary spotlight. As the market is slowly gaining momentum, both upcoming and established firms are seeking to enhance their operations more efficiently to gain the full advantage of the current growth opportunities. Resultantly, this has led to the increased desirability in employing skilled operations executives at the highest levels.

Rising Demand for Engineers Specializing in Blockchain Integration: Taking focus slightly away from the market for Zero-knowledge Research and Interoperability Engineering, is a rise in demand for Blockchain Integration Specialists. This demand stems from the booming scope of the plethora of blockchain products and services that are emerging in the market. Consequently, the need for specialists who can integrate blockchain technologies into existing systems seamlessly is growing too.

Golang Skills in High Demand for Backend Programming: Even though Golang has been one of the most sought-after programming languages since the inception of this report, this quarter saw Golang taking the reign as the most significant blockchain backend skill by a margin. 

More Internship Opportunities Available: There’s hardly a dearth of innovation in the blockchain industry, as every season reveals, some of the most profound use cases for crypto. To capture the advantage of this development, the industry is focusing on attracting fresh talents by offering an opportunity to gain insight into the workings of the space through internships.

Concluding Thoughts:

The blockchain space is witnessing a steady and healthy correction over the relatively slow growth recorded in the previous year. Q1 of 2024 has arrived with a promising prospect of recovery and growth, ringing true to the past quarter report conclusion that blockchain enthusiasts could expect overall positive momentum in the blockchain employment arena.