Leading AI-focused Blockchain Projects

The Blockchain <> AI space has been witnessing the emergence of a plethora of innovative solutions and products. The market is keen on harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence with Blockchain, with existing and new players leaving no stone unturned to leap comfortably ahead of others. Mentioned below are prominent players that have already established a firm name for leading this race of the convergence of AI and blockchain. 

The Graph

Hosted on Ethereum, The Graph is a decentralized platform aimed at indexing and querying public blockchain data and making otherwise unreadable and indecipherable (Blockchain data extraction is highly time-consuming and resource-extensive) blockchain data available to the public. The Graph, with its decentralized protocol indexes the data from the blockchains and organizes them into indices called “subgraphs”. These subgraphs not only enable consumers to raise queries easily, but also allow developers to deploy DApps conveniently. The native token of the Graph, GRT facilitates these transactions on the network.


SingularityNET is the single biggest open and decentralized AI marketplace for trade and monetization of AI services. It provides developers with a platform to monetize AI algorithms along with end-to-end solutions or complete standalone AI applications. The goal of the protocol is to build an inclusive and democratic Artificial General Intelligence platform that is independent of any central entity and allows all AI enthusiasts like developers, scientists and scholars to collaborate freely. AGIX is the native token of the Singularity required for operating in the marketplace.

Ocean Protocol

Based on Ethereum, Ocean protocol is an AI-powered decentralized data sharing platform that aims to create a more equitable data economy where the power of data is justly distributed across sections of society. The platform strives to provide data owners control over their data while also preserving their privacy. Developers can build data-driven DApps on the forum using Ocean’s JavaScript library, Ocean.js. The OCEAN token plays a key role in the distribution of this data. 


Numerai is an AI-based hedge fund. The firm harnesses the combined intellectual power of thousands of data scientists by crowdsourcing their machine-learning-stock-market-predicting-algorithms into a single meta-model driving its investment strategy. The data scientists stake their most efficient models with the native currency of the platform and earn rewards in the same, NMR.


Cortex is an ambitious peer-to-peer open-source blockchain that provides a unique medium where AI models can be easily integrated into smart contracts, encouraging the development of innovative AI-driven DApps. Cortex uses its token (CTXC) to incentivize developers and researchers to store and open-source their AI models on the blockchain. Cortex aspires to become a major player in bringing the prowess of artificial learning to smart contracts, ultimately building a leading AI-driven crypto ecosystem.


Blockchain companies with actual vision continue to innovate and build solutions to better the real world. Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain are two technologies with the potential to turn this vision into a reality. The upcoming years will see the amalgamation of the two to unlock a new tech world, not even envisioned before.