Blockchain Protocol Job Market Report (Q2/2023)

Blockchain Jobs Europe presents you with this year’s second edition of the quarterly reports on the status of the blockchain protocol job market. The current edition will unravel the facts and figures along with the latest trends in the Web3 employment industry for the second quarter of 2023. 

Recap of the Report Methodology:

The objective and methodology of the report remain consistent which can be found in depth here. However, here’s a short recap: BlockchainJobsEurope researched and analyzed the Blockchain Protocol Job Market for Q2 2023. Our research covered over 380 public job offerings by 40 leading blockchain development firms for the second quarter of 2023. Some of the noted Web3 firms analyzed under the research are; Ethereum Foundation, Parity Technologies, ConsenSys, IOHK, Dfinity, Ava Labs, Polygon, CasperLabs, and Gnosis. The report aims to update job seekers with the current outlook and trends of the blockchain recruitment segment, as well as shed light on the changes happening within the employment arena. 

This infographic briefly illustrates the findings of the Blockchain Protocol Job Market Report (Q2/2023).

Most In-Demand Web3 Technical Roles for the Second Quarter of 2023

[Note: All comparisons are based on the previous quarterly report]

For the third consecutive quarter, demand for full-stack developers takes the top spot, representing 17% of the total technical hiring needs. DevOps (13%) continues to reign at the second position for the third time, while Backend development (13%) also emerges as the second most coveted role type for Q2, 2023. Core/Protocol development and Frontend development demand take the fourth and fifth position, accounting for 10% and 8% each of the total demand, respectively. The market for other roles such as Data Science and Analytics, Quality Assurance / Testing, Technical Project Management, Technical Research, and Cyber Security, among others, constitutes the remaining 39%. 

The technical skills in demand remain unchanged for the documented quarter as well. Rust, C++, and Golang are the most preferred programming languages for the core blockchain development roles. TypeScript is the most sought-after for Frontend profiles while Node.js is the desired skill for Backend development (coupled with the skills mentioned for core development already). Smart contract development presupposes expertise in Solidity as usual.

Most In-Demand Web3 Non-technical Roles in Q2/2023

Dethroning marketing as the top most in-demand non-technical role in the blockchain protocol space after two consecutive quarters, is DevRel/Ecosystem, accounting for a whopping 20% of the business hiring needs, which is six percentage points more than the demand for marketing specialists (14%) in the same quarter. The second highly preferred business profile in the current recruitment environment is Product Management (15%) showing an upside of five percentage points over the previous quarter. The Fourth place is jointly scored by Community Management (12%) (making an entry in the top-5 list for the third time in a row) and Finance (12%) which appears as a new name on that list.

The remaining 27% of the non-technical role profiles demand comprises Human Resources, Business Analytics, Legal/Compliance, Business Development, and Writing/Research among others.

Latest Trends in the Web3 Recruitment Arena

Zero-knowledge Technology: Zero-knowledge technology is merely not a trend that will vanish after making waves for a few good weeks – it’s a mechanism that has the potential to reshape the world of not only blockchain but also cyber security as a whole. The properties of ZK have immense value to blockchain, as it can unlock the untapped potential of decentralization without compromising the core tenets of privacy. Resultantly, the market continues to attract and employ zero-knowledge researchers in the second quarter of 2023. 

Ecosystem Growth: The value of any blockchain project greatly depends on the perceived recognition of its ecosystem. Companies continue to employ a good amount of their resources to ensure the development and growth of the ecosystem even in the rather slow market conditions. This quarter particularly saw a steep climb in demand for ecosystem growth professionals who can help these firms attract a fair share of continuous attention in this competitive market.

Developer Experience Engineers: The most fascinating trend observed while compiling this report has been the sharp rise in the demand for developer experience engineers. Firms wish to ensure platforms are appropriately built and customized to ensure greater adaptability among developers, therefore dedicating teams to enhance the developer experience.

Blockchain Interoperability: Blockchain Interoperability is not a new topic and its relevance only seems to be growing in the current market. Considering the exploits that happened with the bridges in recent times, the security of blockchain interoperability remains a crucial topic. 

Concluding Thoughts

The market may have been experiencing a slowdown, but the industry is moving forward with even more powerful existing key players and emerging promising projects. The job market will not disappoint those seeking attractive opportunities in the blockchain protocol space. Hopefully, our report will assist you in evaluating your choices and making the desired progress.