Learning Blockchain Development with ChatGPT

Within a brief period of time, ChatGPT has made its mark in revolutionizing a plethora of fields, including the school of Learning. Learning as an experience cannot be reduced to one-size-fits-all, every human being has their own approach, arrived at, by evaluating their strengths and weaknesses over the passage of time. Though with the advent of the internet, people have been able to personalize their learning experiences to a great extent, there are certain arenas where even Google with its vast network is unable to contribute to the journey of self-learners efficiently. However, ChatGPT with its multiple functionalities is not only capable of filling that gap still not filled by Web2 companies but is also able to make the new learning experience even more disciplined, productive, and effective.

As all would concur, learning a new skill is no walk in the park. Not knowing where to begin, understanding the subject, researching the field, selecting your niche, sourcing the resources, customizing the timetable to fit your tight schedule, and monitoring the progress, tends to make self-learners overwhelmed even before embarking on the journey. This article will shed light on the optimal utilization of the latest powerful technology of Generative AI in order to simplify the process of learning. The focus of the article will be leveraging ChatGPT to learn Blockchain Development. Given below are the comprehensive steps on how to employ your “personal assistant” to conquer any skill.

Starting with the Research 

The primary step to any query is obviously understanding the query itself, similarly, in order to obtain a skill, you need full-fledged knowledge of the same. The advantage of orienting yourself with a concept via ChatGPT is you can customize your queries on the basis of your level of existing familiarity with the subject. Additionally, the interesting interface of ChatGPT allows users to get all the queries synthesized together in one place, which eliminates the need to source answers from multiple places, harnessing both time and effort.

In order to understand this component better, let us have a look at two answers for two different prompts but with the singular intent of understanding the meaning of blockchain. The two prompts are as follows: “Explain blockchain to someone with an IT background having worked in Rust programming for 5 years.” vs. “Explain blockchain to someone freshly graduated from high school.”

As clearly demonstrated in the screenshots , ChatGPT understood the assignment and delivered the answers with precision, marking a clear distinction in the level of answers without compromising the main theme. Furthermore, we asked two more questions, one as simple as it can get, and the other one to test the technical prowess of the AI bot. Unsurprisingly, the answers for “Explain blockchain to me like I am 5” as well as “Explain blockchain in terms of cryptography” didn’t disappoint.

Employ this feature to your advantage and use the chatbot with as much precision as you can, linking one query to another subquery creating a whole web of queries until it looks like a notebook containing all the relevant notes you need to nail the basics of the topic. 

Identifying your Technical Niche

After you have been acquainted with, and have developed a thorough understanding of, the subject matter, the next step is to identify the technical sub-domain of your interest.

If you are a beginner, you might be more open to explore and willing to start from scratch, resultantly, giving preference to the vocation which aligns with your interest, whether full-stack development, backend development, core development, system engineering, frontend development, or smart contract development, among others. On the contrary, if you are already at a certain level in your career, and inclined to identify an arena best suited to your prevailing skills and aptitude, allow ChatGPT to aid you in making this choice. 

Example below, look how quickly the AI bot shortlisted the areas of interest aligning with the career summary for the following prompt: “I am a Senior Rust developer with expertise in cyber security frameworks with five years experience in the banking industry. Which technical development field within blockchain development would fit my expertise the most?”

Another prompt to make better use of the feature is to insert your resume for more specific suggestions. Prompt for the same could look like. [I am a Senior Rust developer with expertise in cyber security frameworks with five years of experience in the banking industry. Based on my resume, suggest a technical development field within blockchain development that would align with my expertise the most. Here is my resume: (Attach CV here)]

Ask for a Learning List

Once you have identified the arena you are most likely to pursue, the succeeding action is to ask ChatGPT to provide a comprehensive learning path. It will contain a chronological order of things from basics to advanced levels, you need to learn in order to master a particular skill. No more spending hours hovering back and forth over the vast content trying to figure out where to begin. You will be surprised to see the meticulous details in the learning path crafted by the artificial assistant.

Sourcing Resources

After obtaining the learning path, now it’s time to source and gather all the learning resources to accomplish it. The Internet acts as an ocean of resources, which is both a boon and occasionally a headache, as one can feel overstimulated by choices. ChatGPT, in a fraction of a second, will pull out the most relevant droplets from this ocean of content to make it easier for you to choose. 

For the purpose of illustrating this point, we gave the chatbot the following prompt: “What are some best free courses to learn smart contract development?”. Predictably, the list was impressive.

We went ahead to ask for another suggestion, and here is the result.

Prompt: “Suggest the best Youtube tutorials on smart contracts development?”

Similarly, you can ask for book recommendations, articles, podcasts, forums, and other resources on the topic and subtopics to assist you in your journey.

Craft a Study Schedule with ChatGPT

Crafting a study timetable with ChatGPT might be the most interesting and productive part of this whole learning expedition. Now that the career path, along with the resources to attain it, are in your system, it’s time to arrange everything in an efficient and manageable schedule. 

Prompt for the study schedule: “Create a study plan for four weeks utilizing the smart contract learning list given above. I am available for 12 hours per week from Monday to Friday after 21:00. The study sessions should have regular intervals containing short breaks of 5 minutes and longer breaks of 30 minutes.”

You can further customize the study plan as follows: “Re-arrange this study plan into a table. Name the columns as “Day, Topics, and Resources” and leave the “Resources” Column empty.” You can edit the resources as per your need later.

Quiz Assessment

Now comes the time to test your knowledge. And you can have your personal professor design quizzes and tests for you as per your level and preferences. You can ask the chatbot to prepare basic level questions, or test your advanced skills, either in theoretical or even practical form. In the given picture, we asked the bot to provide us with a Multiple-Choice Quiz with a maximum number of questions capped at 15.

The interactive test session enables immediate feedback on every answer to assist you in expanding your knowledge base. For every correct answer, there’s further explanation to help you understand the subject even more objectively. And for every wrong answer, you get to learn even more from the mistake.

Analyze your Performance with ChatGPT

Going forward, allow the chatbot to analyze your performance. Based on your result, ChatGPT will provide you with instant feedback decoding your strengths and weaknesses comprehensively, and exposing the areas requiring most improvement. This function facilitates systematic progression tracking on multiple levels assisting the learner in making keen observations at regular intervals.

Concluding Thoughts

ChatGPT has produced visible changes in the process of learning, especially for self-learners. It functions as a beneficial catalyst by processing and synthesizing vast information in ready-to-use content, facilitating the investment of the majority of the time and efforts to actual learning.