Five High In-Demand Blockchain Roles for Non-Techies

Unless and until you are still living under the rock, the probability of you not being aware of the existence of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and bitcoin is even lesser than the possibility of Elon Musk giving up on the idea of taking humans to Mars. Blockchain is not just the talk of the hour in the technology space but it is also the trending topic in the business world. Cryptocurrency is not just limited to some digital coins circulating amongst the tech geeks or the gamble being played within the meme communities but is now on a path to be recognized as the legal tender in countries, with El Salvador being the first nation in the world to achieve this feat. Businesses like Tesla, Microsoft are also not willing to miss out on being the trailblazers willing to accept crypto as the new medium of exchange.

With the amount of development happening in the blockchain space, the number of opportunities seems to be skyrocketing as well. However, the one misconception that may exist in the ordinary world regarding the career options available in the distributed ledger technology industry, is that the scope is limited to the tech personnel. This can not be further from the truth.

Blockchain has to offer ample career choices to people from all walks of life. So if you are a non-tech professional who wishes to join the growing blockchain sector but is unsure of the roles and profiles that are available at your disposal, then allow this article to help you discover your career path. Below is the compilation of the exclusive and five in-demand Business-oriented-blockchain roles and requirements essential to stand out from the crowd.

1. Blockchain Product Manager

It is difficult to define product management as a perfectly crafted single role, as the profile varies vastly from industry to industry and from functions to functions. However, for the sake of simplicity, let’s consider blockchain product managers to be at the core of all blockchain management functions where they are generally responsible for aligning the visions and needs of all stakeholders into one single successful product. The product managers in the blockchain industry may not have the technical expertise required to build successful applications and protocols, but they do possess a deep understanding of the technology which is necessary to bridge the gap between the technical and non-technical side in a team. Since the current blockchain technology presides over a variety of products and services, the scope of this particular role is tremendous. 


  • Complete knowledge of distributed ledger/blockchain technology
  • Ability to derive blockchain-based solutions 
  • Familiarity with different blockchain protocols, e.g. Ethereum, Polkadot, Hyperledger Fabric
  • Ability to collaborate with a multidisciplinary team to develop product vision and strategy in alignment with the goals of the company
  • Capable of handling the entire product life cycle, from inception to launch
  • Expertise to define product-specific KPIs and OKRs in harmony with key industry practices 
  • Excellent analytical and communication skills

2. Community Manager

In the era of social media, the online community can prove to be the biggest asset for any company. The brand value derived from organic growth promoted by the online community is incomparable. However, to lead and direct the efforts of a vast online community towards positive image building requires someone with a relevant skillset. The community manager is the online face of a brand or company. The community lead delivers on both ends, addressing the concerns of the customers as well as conveying relevant feedback to the superiors. The individual presiding over this role is primarily responsible for building brand loyalty or unique identity by undertaking tasks, such as social media management, event management, PR campaigning, and digital marketing.


  • tech-savvy individual willing to engage with online communities via various digital channels: Discord, Twitter, Reddit, etc.
  • Experience in digital marketing, SEO, google analytics, email marketing, and platform moderation
  • Proven expertise in handling successful crypto marketing campaigns (Crypto airdrops, AMA), to onboard crypto newcomers.
  • Excellent communication skills for engaging with users, replying, solving queries, and addressing concerns
  • Experience in any of the following fields: Project management, event management, people management, or growth marketing management

3. Cryptocurrency Compliance Expert

In a world where the laws and regulations for traditional industries are already so complex and rigid, the legal complexities concerning crypto space are a step ahead. Almost all the entities involved in the Crypto business, whether existing companies, start-ups, crypto exchanges, and/or investors, need experts’ guidance and advice in order to effectively deal with complicated legal policies and procedures across the world. The Compliance Specialist plays a vital role in advising management in a variety of legal and tax matters like regulatory compliance, legal rights, intellectual property frameworks, business laws, and corporate policies. 


  • University degree in law 
  • Expert in country-specific laws and regulations, especially corporate and business law
  • Experience working in the management consultancy or finance sector
  • Proficiency in drafting paperwork for incorporation of a new company 
  • Expertise in managing policy framework for existing firms
  • Excellent and updated understanding of prevalent national and international laws governing the crypto industry

4. Crypto Analyst

Crypto analytics is a rather vague term that can be attributed to a variety of roles and profiles encompassing blockchain/crypto and data analytics. The kind of positions that one can find in this particular field includes Blockchain Research Analyst, Market analyst, Business analyst for specialized product/service, Crypto Intelligence Analyst, and many more. The role of the blockchain analyst is to collect, clean, analyze and interpret data pertaining to distributed ledger technologies in order to facilitate better decision making. The decisions could be related to improving the existing products/services, introducing new products, finding and evaluating viable investment options, and/or researching about the latest projects (ICOs and IFOs).


  • Degree in finance, statistics, economics, mathematics, or any quantitative subject 
  • Expertise in Excel, Data analysis, financial analysis, or business analytics
  • Demonstrated experience in market and secondary research
  • Knowledge of the latest tools and software to track trends in the crypto market
  • Passionate about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies
  • Bonus: Programming skills in Python or R for data analysis

5. Technical Blockchain Writer

In order to explain something articulately, one must understand it comprehensively. This is why Blockchain writing is no ordinary feat. Given the lack of awareness surrounding the blockchain and Cryptocurrency industry, a blockchain writer does not have the luxury of conveying thoughts by constructing them on existing blocks of general knowledge that the targeted audience otherwise may possess. Therefore, the demand for professionals possessing deep knowledge of the industry along with the art of converting the same into simple and lucid content is growing significantly. 


  • Ability to quickly grasp complex technical phenomena and convey the same in an easily comprehensible format
  • Excellent writing and storytelling skills, preferably in English
  • Updated knowledge of key blockchain trends such as the rise of StablecoinsDeFi, and NFT
  • Some experience with SEO practices, such as keyword search, backlinks, etc.
  • Exceptional understanding of the latest blockchain marketing environment
  • Bonus: Technical background, particularly in the software development documentation


As per the latest report by CB Insights, Distributed ledger technology is poised to disrupt a plethora of big industries like Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Travel and Hospitality, Real estate, and many more. With such exponential growth in the blockchain industry, the opportunities are bound to grow at an even higher pace. Whether a techie or a non-techie, if you are a crypto and blockchain fanatic with a desire to build a career in this revolutionary industry, then the sky is the limit in terms of career paths available to you. 

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